Feb 11 2010

Deck Railings

Deck Railings

Deck railings are the last step of building any deck, and are a way to add a unique touch to your deck in general. With all of the decorative options available for deck railings, the possibilities of adding character to your deck are endless! However, you must be sure that you build and secure these railings as specified for maximum security.


deck11When constructing the railing, you must be sure that they are at least 36” in height. Gaps between the slats of the railing may be no greater than 4” in width! This is extremely important when it comes to containing toddlers, family pets, and other things you love. The deck posts must be aligned carefully according to your deck plans. The placement is important, so be sure you are following the plans exactly and are cutting your posts squarely. Also, mark the location of the posts in between the main deck posts, no more than 4” apart.

Cut out notches for the posts of your deck using a hand saw or a reciprocating saw. This will help with the stability of the deck. Install the posts using at least two lag bolts. Attach a piece of 2×4 wood to the top of the banister and decide if you want your balusters installed to the frame of the deck or to the railing itself. It is a matter of style.

Have fun with your railing! Remember that there are plenty of styles of railings out there, that color is not a bad thing, and that the railing does not necessarily have to be the same wood as the rest of the deck. Play around and create a truly unique space for you and your family.



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