Feb 28 2011

Deck Staining Myths

Here are some “Myths” when it comes to exterior wood and deck staining: Thicker or more stain lasts longer – Applying more stain then the wood can “absorb” will cause the stain to dry on the surface instead of penetrating into the wood. This can cause premature peeling or wearing in heavy traffic areas. New [...]

Feb 21 2011

Restore-A-Deck’s Two Step Deck Cleaning Products

We highly recommend looking at the Restore-A-Deck products. They are highly efficient wood and deck prepping products. Available in different size kits, the packages consist of a Step 1 Wood Deck Cleaner and a Step 2 Wood Deck Brightener. Used together they will make sure you wood is properly prepped for a new coat of [...]

Feb 17 2011

How To Stain Your Deck Faster and With The Proper Tools!

One of the questions that I get asked as a Deck Restoration Expert is how long should it take to stain a 500 square foot deck? My typically answer is 2-3 hours which usually gets a blank stare or a laugh. The fact is that I can actually do it in half the time. The [...]

Feb 15 2011

Best IPE Wood and Deck Stain

IPE wood is an exotic hardwood that is the most popular of the “Ironwoods” out of South America. It is used extensively for exterior wood deck construction in the United States. It is an extremely dense wood and is natural resistant to rot and decay. When an exterior transparent wood stain is applied to the [...]

Feb 14 2011

101 Deck Staining Tips

There is all kinds of advice on the internet when it comes to tips for deck restoration. While reviewing websites I came across this extensive article. It has 101 Deck Staining Tips that I found to be pretty much right on the money. 101 Deck Staining Tips It is a very good read and since [...]