Feb 28 2011

Deck Staining Myths

Here are some “Myths” when it comes to exterior wood and deck staining:

  1. Thicker or more stain lasts longer – Applying more stain then the wood can “absorb” will cause the stain to dry on the surface instead of penetrating into the wood. This can cause premature peeling or wearing in heavy traffic areas.
  2. New wood is ready to be stained – All new wood needs to be prepped for a stain by using a wood deck cleaner and a wood deck brightener. This will allow the stain to absorb into the wood better.
  3. Water should bead on the wood after stain is applied – Actually water should “shed” off the wood. Beading means the wood is 100% sealed not allowing it to “breathe”. This is caused by the use of either a wax or silicon and is bad for the wood.
  4. 5-6 Year Deck Stain Warranties – Sorry but nothing will last more then 2-3 years on an exterior horizontal “exposed” wood surface. You just cannot control the weather, dirt, grime etc from deteriorating the stain. Any stains that claim a longer warranty will have exclusions to the point that the warranty is essentially useless.
  5. Deck should look like a hardwood floor – Having a shiny polyurethane type finish on your wood is a very bad idea. It will peel, flake and cause you an enormous headache when you need to remove it. Just remember the better the deck stains penetrate into the wood the longer it will last!


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