Feb 29 2012

5-7 Year Deck Stain Warranties – Are They a Scam?

The wood deck stain industry today is huge business. Most every paint or stain company that wasn’t already involved is jumping in quick. The DIY homeowner faces a huge challenge in choosing one of literally hundreds of deck stains. The sad truth is that most DIY homeowners will grab whichever stain promises the most years [...]

Feb 24 2012

Restore-A-Deck – Professional Results

For many years consumer grade deck maintenance products have been nothing more than soap and bleach. Restoration professionals have known for some time that bleach is not the best cleaner to put on your deck. The contractor grade deck cleaners and secrets of the professionals have been kept safe within the industry. The enthusiastic DIYer [...]

Feb 24 2012

Cleaning and Staining Your Own Deck

It is possible for you to restore your own deck, but you should have some knowledge of the chemicals, equipment, and methods used. Before tackling a complete deck restoration, you should research and read as much information on the subject as possible. Most of the woods used in deck construction are considerably soft in terms [...]

Feb 18 2012

Why Paints Do Not Work on Decks

Wood decks have always been very popular. They add extra outdoor living space to your home, increase your home’s value, and provide a great place for family outings or just relaxing. Wood decks however, do need to be protected from the environment if they are expected to last many years. To protect a wooden deck [...]

Feb 13 2012

Deck Stain Help | Ratings and Reviews

For most homeowners, restoring or maintaining an exterior wooden deck can be a difficult task. With all the available products for deck stains, deck cleaners, deck stain strippers, and wood deck brighteners it’s difficult to even know where to start. To help homeowners with the enormous task of restoring and maintaining their wooden deck it [...]