Feb 24 2012

Cleaning and Staining Your Own Deck

Cleaning and Staining Your Deck

Cleaning and Staining Your Deck

It is possible for you to restore your own deck, but you should have some knowledge of the chemicals, equipment, and methods used. Before tackling a complete deck restoration, you should research and read as much information on the subject as possible.

Most of the woods used in deck construction are considerably soft in terms of wood. When washed with excessive pressure they can easily fur up or splinter. Most people don’t realize the methods and chemicals that are required in restoring a deck properly. This is where they make the mistake of blasting the wood with water and then slapping some deck stain on it. This situation results in a deck sealer or stain that doesn’t last as long as it should have. When a wooden deck isn’t cleaned or sealed properly, it ends up costing you more time and money to restore it the next time.

The proper wood and deck restoration products such as deck cleaners, deck brighteners, and deck stains are all an essential part of getting great results that will last. Most deck stains, when applied to a properly prepared surface, will last a couple of years before needing maintenance. When not done correctly, you will be refinishing the deck almost every year to keep it looking the way you want.

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to attempt a deck restoration without any knowledge and wonder why the deck stain is fading or peeling off so quickly. Then they fall into the cycle of searching for a “better” or best deck stain that will last longer when in reality it wasn’t the fault of the deck stain but rather the preparation work.

You don’t have to be certified or trained to restore your deck back to a beautiful state. But researching the proper wood deck cleaners, deck stains, and proper methods will go a long way when restoring your own deck.


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