Feb 24 2012

Restore-A-Deck – Professional Results

Restore-A-Deck Cleaners

Restore-A-Deck Cleaners

For many years consumer grade deck maintenance products have been nothing more than soap and bleach. Restoration professionals have known for some time that bleach is not the best cleaner to put on your deck. The contractor grade deck cleaners and secrets of the professionals have been kept safe within the industry. The enthusiastic DIYer was left in the dark with no knowledge of the right cleaners or methods needed to get professional results, until now!

The Restore-A-Deck system is designed specifically for DIY homeowners looking for professional grade results. This two step state of the art process will give you results like the pros. Restore-A-Deck will not only give you results you never thought possible, it’s environmentally safe and landscape friendly.

This amazing 1-part deck cleaner 1-part deck brightener is concentrated so the packaging is smaller saving you on huge shipping costs. This deck restoration product was actually developed by deck restoration specialists using special buffers and surfactants causing it to be gentle on the wood yet highly effective.

The Restore-A-Deck cleaner dives deep to get rid of mold, mildew, and dirt. It draws out the sun faded wood fibers to bring grayed out decks back to life. The cleaning instructions are simple and easy to follow. After cleaning the wood, the Restore-A-Deck wood brightener is used to brighten the wood back to the proper pH level. This restores the woods natural grain characteristics and prepares the deck for a deck stain. This is the perfect two step system, used by professionals, to maintain new decks and revitalize neglected decks. It not only makes old decks look new again, it preps the wood giving deck stain the best possible surface for longer lasting results.

DIY deck maintenance has never been so easy. Get lasting results that will save you time and money in constant refinishing. The number one reason a deck stain will fail before expected, is because the wood was not prepped correctly. The Restore-A-Deck system eliminates that problem giving you more longevity out of your deck stain. Make your neighbors jealous with professional results at a fraction of the cost.

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