Mar 25 2012

TWP 100 Series

TWP 100 Series

TWP 100 Series

When it comes to preserving any exterior wood surface, it’s important to know that the wood stain you use can make all the difference. For the do-it-yourselfer there isn’t anything more essential than getting good results. Whether it’s a wood deck, fence, cedar shakes, wood siding, or other wood structure, choosing the right deck stain will make or break the project.

When searching for the right deck stain for your situation you should consider many different factors – overall appearance, stain longevity, ease of application, price, and so on. What you want to avoid is using the wrong exterior stain. Many of the deck stains sold at the home centers are inferior in comparison to a contractor grade stain.

Try to steer clear of deck stains that are heavy pigmented and color solid. Also stay away from stains that are 100% acrylic and/or have silicone in them. These types of wood stains stay on top of the surface and form a film similar to paint. Climate and temperature changes cause these film forming stains to crack, flake, and peel leaving your deck or other wood structure in worse shape than it was. Once this type of deck stain does fail, it’s extremely costly and labor intensive to remove but a necessary evil to restore the wood. It’s best just to avoid these types of deck stains all together.

Most wood experts agree a better choice is a semi-transparent deck stain such as TWP 100 series. This non film-forming deck stain protects against water and UV damage by penetrating deep into the wood. TWP 100 deck stain is mold and mildew resistant to prevent wood rot, decay, and structural damage. The TWP Stain is an easy to apply formula which makes it the perfect deck stain for the enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer looking for professional results.

With over half a dozen tones to choose from, you’ll get the look you want and the protection you need. See why the experts recommend TWP 100 series deck stain. Experience lasting results and protect your investment for years of enjoyment.

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