Jan 25 2017

Stain Your Deck in the Spring 2017

If you have a wood deck you know that deck care and maintenance is crucial to the appearance and integrity of the wood. Knowing when to stain your deck is important. Too many people let time slip by and before they know they have neglected their deck. Whether it is every year or every other year, make it a point to stain your deck in the spring. Spring is the time of year for all kinds of outdoor projects. From lawn care to landscape maintenance spring is the season for sprucing things up. Make your deck care part of that routine and you will never neglect your deck again.

Spring is a great time because the air temperatures are usually perfect for staining. Most deck stains, like TWP 100 should not be applied in temperatures cooler than 50 degrees or hotter than 90 degrees. It should never be applied in the heat of the day in direct sunlight as this can jeopardize the performance of the stain. Spring may be rainier than other seasons but with a little planning, it can be done. Normally all you need is a 2-3 day window of dry weather to stain your deck in the spring.

For most regions of the country the summertime is typically too hot for deck staining although it is possible if you get started early enough in the day. Obviously, the winter can be much too cool in most areas for deck staining. Even if the daytime temperatures in your area may be above 50 it is important to note the nighttime low temps. It should not get too cold at night for several days while the TWP 100 deck stain is drying and curing.

Autumn temps can be ideal but in many areas trees are losing leaves, which can make deck staining a hassle. Springtime in our opinion is the best and certainly the most common time for staining a deck. Be sure to stain your deck before or after the cottonwood and other types of trees have dropped their buds and/or flowers. Always clean the deck using a wood deck cleaner. Allow the deck to dry for a few days prior to staining. Last but not least, another great reason to stain your deck in the spring is so you can enjoy it for the rest of the warm season.


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