Apr 3 2017

Water Based Deck Stains 2017

If you are looking for a quality deck stain to ease the hassle of deck maintenance while adding a beautiful finish, look no further than water based deck stains. With high-tech newly-blended formulas, the 2017 line of water based deck stains are becoming a popular choice by many do-it-yourself homeowners and professionals alike.

Water based deck stains are becoming increasing popular because they are particularly environmentally friendly. With stricter VOC laws many oil based stains cannot be shipped or bought in some states. Water based stains, however, are low VOC and compliant in all 50 states. In addition, the technology going into the design of these stains really has them competing with, and in some cases outperforming oil based stains.

Water based deck stains 2017 has got a lot to offer. Stains like Defy Extreme are using unheard of technology that is a first in the stain industry. Combining high-grade resins and nano particles this line of stain is like sunscreen for your deck. The light stabilizing particles are distributed at a rate of over 30 trillion per square inch to reflect harsh UV rays providing superb sun protection. In addition to excellent UV protection water based deck stains like Defy utilize a zinc additive. Zinc naturally resists mold and other fungal growth to prevent potential wood rot and decay.

The 2017 water based deck stains are definitely a great choice not only for decks but also for all types of exterior wood surfaces. They are available in many different tones and colors to make it easy to find the look you desire. Water based stains also clean up easily with soap and water, unlike other stains that require harsh and expensive mineral spirits or thinner. Easy to apply water-based stains are more durable and dry quicker than other types of tinted wood finishes. Water based stains are a great choice if you are looking for a long lasting beautiful deck finish in 2017.



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