Mar 20 2012

Properly Preparing a Wood Deck for Stain

Tweet Pin It When you’ve come to the decision to refinish your deck it’s important to understand the right and wrong way to do it. Cleaning a deck is the most crucial step in the wood restoration process. While some people may think the only thing that matters is the brand or type of deck [...]

Feb 24 2012

Restore-A-Deck – Professional Results

Tweet Pin It For many years consumer grade deck maintenance products have been nothing more than soap and bleach. Restoration professionals have known for some time that bleach is not the best cleaner to put on your deck. The contractor grade deck cleaners and secrets of the professionals have been kept safe within the industry. [...]

Feb 24 2012

Cleaning and Staining Your Own Deck

Tweet Pin It It is possible for you to restore your own deck, but you should have some knowledge of the chemicals, equipment, and methods used. Before tackling a complete deck restoration, you should research and read as much information on the subject as possible. Most of the woods used in deck construction are considerably [...]

May 11 2011

Deck Staining Products Help

Tweet Pin It Many customers have become confused to all the info on the Internet as to what is the “Best Deck Stain” and what products should I use to prep the wood. The Sealer Store has created a very useful online page to simplify the products needed to restore your wood deck. On this [...]

Apr 25 2011

Where to Buy Defy Deck Stain in Canada?

Tweet Pin It is pleased to announce that all Defy and Masonry Saver products are now available to be shipped to Canada! Order direct and save on all the Defy exterior wood and deck restoration products. All Defy products ship duty free to Canadian residents. Defy Extreme Stain Canada – The Defy Extreme Wood [...]

Mar 26 2011

How To Restore Your Deck With Defy Wood Restoration Products

Tweet Pin It Here is a great article on the necessary steps to take when restoring your wood or deck using Defy products. Restore Your Deck with Defy It is imperative to always follow the proper procedures when prepping your exterior wood or deck. Failure to do so can cause the stain to fail much [...]