Apr 12 2012

Types of Concrete Sealers

Tweet Pin It The concrete surfaces around your home are quickly destroyed by harsh weather conditions and excessive traffic. It’s important to protect a concrete surface with a long lasting concrete sealer to help prevent cracking, chipping, and pitting. A high quality concrete sealer is recommended for better protection and longer lasting results saving you [...]

Mar 15 2012

Wood and Deck Strippers – Removing Failing Deck Stains

Tweet Pin It To properly restore a deck it’s necessary to first clean the wood. This includes removing any old failing deck stain that may still be present. When old stain is left on a deck the new stain can’t penetrate the wood properly and you simply worsen the problem. It’s essential to strip a [...]

Feb 29 2012

5-7 Year Deck Stain Warranties – Are They a Scam?

Tweet Pin It The wood deck stain industry today is huge business. Most every paint or stain company that wasn’t already involved is jumping in quick. The DIY homeowner faces a huge challenge in choosing one of literally hundreds of deck stains. The sad truth is that most DIY homeowners will grab whichever stain promises [...]

Feb 11 2010

Deck Railings

Tweet Pin It Deck Railings Deck railings are the last step of building any deck, and are a way to add a unique touch to your deck in general. With all of the decorative options available for deck railings, the possibilities of adding character to your deck are endless! However, you must be sure that [...]